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Ian Stanton (1989, Hong Kong) is an artist living and working in Los Angeles. Projects and exhibitions include:  RED, Actual Size (Los Angeles, CA); Public Access Reading Room, Darger HQ (Omaha, NE); KLUD, Rice University (Houston, TX); Water in the Camera, Contact (Los Angeles, CA); Koons in the Desert, Dread Lounge (Los Angeles, CA); IACSHB, 300 Avery Storage (Los Angeles, CA); DOG s.k., Spinelli Kilcollin (Los Angeles, CA), Kondoing, 99 Suffolk (New York, NY); 答えには質問がある, Wieden+Kennedy (Tokyo, Japan), Tove & Melton & Lisa & Gareth & Charles & &c., Johnathan Hopson Gallery, (Houston, TX); Nues, in lieu (Los Angeles, CA); NADA 2020, (New York, NY), Reversibility, Loup (New York, NY)

Other projects include: 

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